2021 Hoildays and Holy Days

Nov 25th   Thanksgiving:    *8:30am English, *10:00 am Spanish

Dec 7th     The Immaculate Conception Vigil:  7:00 pm English

Dec 8th     The Immaculate Conception:  7:00am, 8:30 am English & 7:00 pm Spanish 

Dec 24th Christmas Eve: 3:00pm, 5:00pm, 7:00pm English & 10:30pm Bilingual “midnight mass”

Dec 25th Christmas Day: 9:30am, *11:00am English & *12:30pm Spanish

Jan 1st Solemnity of Mary: Not a Holy Day of Obligation this year (8:30am Daily Mass and 5:00pm Vigil will take place as normal.)

*Mass will be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube