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Rehearsals every Wednesday at 7:00pm.

Spanish Rehearsals every Monday at 7:30pm.

Mary Lou Corbiere, Director (954) 562-6425

Billy Clifford (954) 347-8037

Mary Anne Morro , Organist


ENGLISH CHOIR DIRECTOR, MARY LOU CORBIERE: Bachelor of Music 1965 University of Miami 1965 and Master of Arts 1985 University of Miami.  Ms. Corbiere served as Choir Director/Organist/Cantor at St.Bernadette Parish from 1977-1989.  She has served St. Mark Parish since 1990 as an organist/cantor/choir director for all Liturgies.  During this time, Ms. Corbiere taught 37 years in Broward County Schools at the elementary level, magnet school of the arts and at the high school level.  Students in her classrooms studied vocal and instrumental music, dance and drama.  At the request of Fr. Hennessey, 1st pastor of St. Mark, Ms. Corbiere was instrumental in forming the parish Spanish Choir (with very much help of translators!) Eventually and soon, the Spanish Choir Mass Music liturgy was eventually covered by Bill Clifford and his mother, Edith Clifford, both of whom studied Spanish language.

SPANISH CHOIR DIRECTOR, BILL CLIFFORD has been involved in church music starting at the age of 6 years old singing in St. Bernadette Church choir! Throughout his teenage years he served as a choir member, pianist and occasional organist at St. Mark and eventually was hired as the Director of the Spanish Choir! Bill also plans the music liturgies for the 9:00 am Sunday Mass in the Schott Memorial.

MARY ANNE MORRO has served St. Mark Parish as the Sunday Organist for the past several years having come to us from extensive years of experience as an organist and music teacher in Catholic Churches and Catholic Schools.

CHOIR: Communication by email is crucial to the development and integrity of the group.  This is how the choir receives the printed menu for each Sunday.  This is how we come to know which Wednesdays and/or which music we will use for Choir rehearsals at 7:00 pm in St. Mark School Band Room.

St. Mark Adult Choir Members sing at 11:00 am mass every Sunday. Building a larger choir is our main necessity.
Students are welcome to sit in and sing with the Adult Choir at 9:30 am mass every Sunday.

AUDIO/VISUAL ASSISTANTS:  Student/Adult volunteers are needed run the A/V slides for every celebration of Mass in the main church.
Please contact Mary Lou Corbiere mlc88keys8@att.net if you can help us with the slides.  All communication with A/V Assistance is done by email.