2nd Letter to Parents | Deacon John Lorenzo

The Catholic path to Heaven and eternal life is attending Sunday Mass every week and receiving the Eucharist. If this Catholic practice is not adhered to during a child’s life, the tendency will be to consider the Church or the Eucharist not important or necessary when they are adults.


Saint Mark Catholic School and Religious Education

Second Letter to Parents

By Deacon John Lorenzo


My dear parents,


I write this letter as a spokesperson for your children because children do not understand what is necessary for them to become a devoted Catholic to Jesus Christ and His Church.

Children must be properly faith formulated to make a difference in their lives. Their minds must be developed throughout their early years spent at home and in their schooling. Basically, children are told what to do by those persons, or entities, who have the authority over their lives. For instance, the government has laws for schooling children to a certain age. In this regard, parents are not given an option when it comes to sending their children to school. This is done for the benefit of the children who do not know, or understand, the need to be educated.

When it comes to formulating Catholic children, the parent’s authority begins with having them baptized. This Sacrament makes them children of God but something very special also happens. The baptized child gains their inheritance to paradise. God so loves us that he wants us to know, if we lead a good life and keep His commandants, when we leave this life, He has a place for us in heaven for all eternity. This holds true for anyone who is baptized. Parents must realize that this inheritance given to their children must be protected and never lost. This protection begins with teaching their children to love God and to love their neighbor as they are growing up.

But there is one other critical thing children must be taught. They must be taught who Jesus Christ is. As a matter of fact, it’s important for all God’s children to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. The greatest thing about this relationship is that it is His desire to have a relationship with every one of his children. Mainly for two reasons, the first one is obvious, He loves us unconditionally. The second has a lot of merit, He feels that if we invite Him into our lives, He will have a very good chance to guide us through this life and when we leave this life we will be with Him in Heaven.

Just as parents are responsible for the many necessities in raising their children, they are also responsible for their spiritual needs and direction to get through this life.

Parents are the first to teach and guide their children until the age of reason when they begin their schooling. Here the authority of the parents will be shared in a public or Catholic school system.

Spiritually, children during their grammar school years, must be properly faith formulated to give them the best chance of understanding and believing that their purpose in life is getting from this life to the next life in Heaven, with God. When this knowledge is achieved through faith in Jesus Christ and His Church, all other aspects of a good life will fall into place. This faith recognition must be a priority to save children’s souls and their  God-given inheritance.

May God bless all parents and their children.