Letter to Parents | Deacon John Lorenzo

Saint Mark Catholic School and Religious Education
By Deacon John Lorenzo

My dear parents,

You are the most influential authority in the lives of your children. The way you bring them up, in so many ways, could make the difference in who they will become and what they will believe in. For instance, being Catholic, will their lives be focused on Jesus Christ to assure them of getting from this life to the next, in heaven? With such influential authority, you are the most important people in their lives. The children will learn from the way you live your lives, be it good or bad. I’m sure you love your children and will do whatever it takes to make their lives as good as possible.

The purpose of this letter is to help you with saving their souls; getting them from this life to the next, assuring their inheritance to paradise, given to them by God on the day you had them baptized. God loves our children more than we do and He does not make it difficult to get to Heaven. It’s very easy. The Catholic path to Heaven and eternal life is attending Sunday Mass every week and receiving the Eucharist. If this Catholic practice is not adhered to during a child’s life, the tendency will be to consider the Church or the Eucharist not important when they become adults.

This one flaw in a child’s faith formation will probably result in a fallen away Catholic even though the child receives the sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion, Confirmation and gets married in the Church.

Since the Church cannot force you to take your children to Church every Sunday, it gives you the perfect opportunity to teach your children, verbally, why going to Sunday Mass is so important; to thank God for all the blessings He gives us and to receive the body and blood of Jesus. This parental teaching will be remembered when they become adults. God blessed you with a precious gift who needs your help to gain their God given inheritance to Heaven.

God made life on earth very short and He offers us eternal life when we leave this life. A life beyond anything we could ever imagine. As a family, go to Sunday Mass every week.

May God bless all parents and their children.