St. Mark 16th English Men Emmaus Retreat

St. Mark 16th English Men Emmaus Retreat— open to all adult parishioners—September 29-October 1—The Retreat offers a unique opportunity for personal, spiritual growth simply by discovering a new relationship with God and others. A chance to forge connections with other
St. Mark parishioners, leading to a deeper commitment to serve your parish. It affords you the opportunity to meet Jesus on your personal journey; to get away to look at yourself as a Christian/Catholic. It helps you to focus your life in a more positive and meaningful way. The retreat guides you through a series of reflections given by laypersons on all aspects of life-spiritual, emotional, physical and relational. You will come away with a renewed sense of priorities. Applications can be found at the back of the Church, in the parish office or by calling Michael Lynch 954-647-4259 or John Lyons at 786-299-7598.