Invite the Blessed Mother into Your Home for a Week

The Legion of Mary, offers a Pilgrim Virgin Visit which encourages prayer with the family in the presence of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue. This home visitation is to assist families in responding to the requests made by the Blessed Mother during her apparitions at Fatima.

The essence of her request is: Return to God; Make reparation for sins; Pray the Rosary for Peace.

Upon retrieving the Blessed Mother, we lead a short prayer service to enthrone The Sacred Heart of Jesus in your home.   This enthronement is a re-commitment of the whole family to Christ, and is a source of blessings as well.

If you would like to schedule, or know more about this Pilgrim Visit, find out about the services or prayers we can offer you or would like to know more about The Legion of Mary, please do not hesitate to contact: Sophia Feliciano 954-778-7977   /