Religious Education and Faith Formation | Week of 3/12/17

CARNIVAL IN THE RANCHES: Thank you to all of our Religious Education families who supported Saint Mark by purchasing raffle tickets. We will publish the results in a subsequent bulletin. If you were unable to turn in your tickets or purchase more, you can still do that this weekend at the carnival. Maybe one of those cash prizes are meant for you!!! See you there!

For our last service project of the year, all Pre-Confirmation and Confirmation students are participating at this annual parish event by supplying filled plastic Easter eggs. A flyer explaining the details will be sent home this week to these students. A box will be placed in the parish center to accept these donations when they come rolling in between now and the due date of March 25th. We ask that the eggs be filled with wrapped hard candies, jelly beans, stickers and toys. (NO GUM OR CHOCOLATE PLEASE — THEY MELT!) We will also be recruiting volunteers to help at the event itself which will be on Saturday, April 15th here at St. Mark.


Confirmation students:

Are you past due on any of the following prerequisites?

Sponsor forms with certifications

Saint name and report

Letter to Fr. Jimmy requesting the sacrament

Parents of Confirmation students:  If you were one of the few who did not attend last week’s catechesis, please stop by the Religious Education office before or after class.  Handouts were given to the parents with essential information and each student was measured for a robe.

Besides following up with your child on the above, we hope that you are working on your PALANCAS!  The February 21st deadline has passed for you to bring at least two palancas to our office.  If you are unsure of what this assignment entails, please refer to the confidential communication distributed via your student or mailed to you two weeks ago.  Your child will not know about this for it is a parent request and a special surprise for them.  If you did not receive this letter, please call us or email us or stop by the Religious Education Office during your child’s session to get a copy.