RCIA for Adults and Children | Week of 3/12/17

Your Saint Mark Family congratulates you for taking part in today’s Rite of Sending and Rite of Election. We affirm your readiness to move forward to Easter Vigil when you will become a fully initiated member of Roman Catholicism.

At the Rite of Election, held this afternoon at the Cathedral of Saint Mary, our catechumen are signified to have been called by Christ and attest to the reality that only those mystically claimed by Christ will enter Heaven. The godparent will give public testimony of each catechumen’s readiness and then each one will sign the Book of The Elect in the presence of the Archbishop. From this point forward, they will no longer be catechumen, but “elect” as they enter into the final period of preparation for initiation.

Our catechumen Elect are now in preparation for the three scrutinies which will take place during Mass on the 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays of Lent. Teachings and instructions take place during the dismissal sessions so please make sure your child is in attendance at the 9:30AM Mass every week.