Religious Education | Week of 02/12/17


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FIRST COMMUNION STUDENTS & FAMILIES: Thank you to all the parents and students who attended the Sacramental Catechesis on Eucharist this past Tuesday, February 7th. For those few of you First Communion parents who were unable to attend, please stop by the Religious Education office to sign out the important information that was distributed regarding your child’s celebration of First Communion. Our office is open during all class sessions.



A REMINDER TO PARENTS OF STUDENTS RECEIVING CONFIRMATION ON MARCH 31, 2017: Remember FEBRUARY 21ST! This is the date for our Sacramental Catechesis which will take place in the church at 7PM. Parents, sponsors and students are invited to attend, but it is mandatory for at least one parent as well as the student. Please arrive early to sign in. This catechesis will be the weekly lesson for these students, therefore, the Confirmation classes of Mrs. Rodriguez and Mrs. Saul will not be held at 5PM on that day. All other grade levels will be in session as usual at 5PM and 7PM.

  • Whether you are a first or second year Confirmation candidate, your sponsor forms are past due. Please submit this paperwork as soon as possible or contact our office if you have any questions or issues with compliance. Students receiving the sacrament this March are also past deadline to submit their saint name and corresponding saint report. And please note that the letter to Father Jimmy requesting the sacrament is due on February 21st.

Confirmation Parents: Last week, a confidential and important communication was sent home with your child. The contents are for parents only regarding the upcoming Spirit Day retreat. If you did not receive this letter, please call us or email us or stop by the Religious Education Office during your child’s session to get a copy.



Just a little over TWO weeks to go until the Saint Mark CARNIVAL IN THE RANCHES is here on March 2nd through 5th!! There are still plenty of gorgeous terrific TEAL designer tee shirts available for all who sell their 5 books ($50) of raffle tickets. We’re sure that more of you will be sporting this evidence of your support of Saint Mark each week as the volume of ticket stubs and money increase. Don’t forget to put the size of the tee shirt you want on the proceeds envelope!

And, the sooner your child brings in his /her completed stubs and money, the greater the chances that he/she will have to win in the weekly drawings for additional incentive prizes. Every book sold gets an entry into these weekly drawings. Our classroom goal is based on a $30 per child minimum number of tickets sold and each class that achieves that will be treated to a pizza party. PLEASE help your child do his/ her part for our church. Every dollar counts! WE ARE 800+ STRONG AND WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! Parents, we are counting on your support to help sell, to see that stubs are completely filled out and to send the stubs and proceeds in each week to the child’s teacher.

AND NEW THIS YEAR… Online Raffle purchase is here!!! For those of you who dread filling out stubs, or would like to pay by credit card or who would like the ease and security of supporting St. Mark in this fashion…. Go online to

Distributed this week were the order forms to purchase Advance Session Passes and Event Bracelets at a discount. There is a time limit for this money-saver… so, get the order forms and payments in as soon as possible!