Note From Pastor

Dear Parishioner,
ThFatherJimmyose of you that use envelopes for the offertory, you will soon receive your new envelopes and you will notice a change in the wording of the “Building Fund Envelope”.  We are going into a “Guardian Angel Debt Reduction Campaign” replacing the Building Fund Campaign. Nothing changes but the name.
I will be asking all to say this short prayer each time to use the new envelope: “Lord help us in our serious time of financial need”.
God bless all of you who have sacrificed and have continually given your sacrificial offering to the Lord each week. “You are the light of the world”. Every time we do something good for the Lord, or anyone, He turns that good in one way or another many times over. Our family, our health, our home, our cars, our many, many articles of convenience, right down to the beating hearts – all are good gifts come from God, ALL of them.
Thank you so much for being the Catholics you are. God bless each and every one of you!